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3D Modeling // Sculpting // Character Design // Textures // UV's

  Hello Everyone!
Cave trolls and J.R.R. Tolkien’s demonic Balrogs initially sparked my interest in computer graphics. But truth be told, it was the “behind the scenes”  DVD  that really helped me to see the bigger picture – great storytelling and compelling characters!
For me, being able to create something from pure imagination is simply magical. As a child, I took art classes, played with Microsoft Paint and came up with fantasy stories and characters. 
I think the compelling characters, found in movies, television and video games are relatable and even inspiring, like with superheroes. Superheroes inspire people to do the right thing. Yet, other characters can inspire people to get an education, push the boundaries, and help improve the world.
If I can be a part of creating those kinds of characters and stories, the ones that have a direct impact on inspiring future generations, I feel that is one of the best ways I can help improve the world.
I would love to create 3D art for movies or games, particularly cinematic portions, whether as a freeelance artist or as part of a company . My fantasy goal is to work on a project for Weta Digital,  based in New Zealand.
When I’m not practicing my craft, I’m watching fascinating characters on television and movies.  I also watch playthroughs on YouTube so I can become involved with more games that I may not have the time to play myself. I also frequent ZBrush Central and several other sites, where people can post their own artwork. Viewing these sites and others' work helps to inspire me and pushes me to constantly improve. 
I have a bachelor’s degree in Creative Media from New Mexico State University, and I’m skilled at high and low poly models, sculpting, character designs, UV's, and texturing. I look forward to working with you on a future project.
-Alexander Santiago